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We work with healthcare companies to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and drive out cost and complexity across Africa. Our biotech, and biopharma teams bring diverse and deep experience to every healthcare engagement.

How we help

We work with biopharma and biotech companies at all stages of development, providing an array of solutions to help our clients navigate key uncertainties and drive long-term value creation for their shareholders.

Our end-to-end offering can provide support at all stages of a product or company’s development, including:

  • Early-stage products and/or companies

  • Products in later-stage development

  • Companies poised to grow its African operations

Why work with us

  • Improve your decision making

  • Help optimize and reduce compliance costs.

  • Boost the innovation process.

  • Help optimize and reduce operational costs.

  • Increase the ability to rapidly develop.

The team comprises international scientific knowledge and practical expertise in clinical research, safety studies, research, policy analysis, communications, social science, and digital media.

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