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Biolak Limited (an FMI Ltd Subsidiary) was founded and incorporated in Nigeria in 1991. Biolak Limited strives to be a leading player in the Nigerian Agricultural Sector. Our businesses are focused on a low-cost production and profitability model, making it possible to extract the maximum value per ton. Biolak currently owns over 500 Hectares of land in Nigeria.

We aim to develop a diversified farming business that includes Crops and Dairy. We will produce each commodity in regions where agro-ecological conditions provide competitive advantages and the lowest production costs; creating great investment opportunities. We currently own more than 500 hectares of croppable land in the Southwestern region of Nigeria. 




Our production model is based on sustainability standards that seek to produce food and renewable energy on a long-term basis by preserving the natural resources involved in the production process. The sustainable approach to farming requires taking into account economic, social and environmental factors adapted to local circumstances.

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25 Banana Island Road

Lagos, Nigeria

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